With these house rules we want to give you more information about how we expect you to manage with the guesthouse, the shared areas and the available materials. Doing so, we hope to offer a pleasant stay to you and our future guests. We ask you to follow these rules.

Living rules

  • A maximum of 6 persons may stay in the guesthouse. It is possible to place 2 baby beds in the rooms. These can be provided when asked.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the guesthouse. Smoking is allowed on the terrace; an ashtray is provided to throw the cigarette butts away. You can find this ashtray in the shed on the terrace. Upon departure, the ashtray must be emptied. Drugs or other hallucinogens cannot be used.
  • No fire may be made in any way other than through the coal barbecue or the fire pit. All remaining coals and ashes must be emptied. You can find a metal bin near the parking lot to do so.
  • Treat the house, furniture and planting in a respectful manner.
  • It is forbidden to set off fireworks.
  • It is forbidden to have exuberant parties at the guesthouse.
  • There is free access to Wi-Fi. It is not allowed to view or download illegal media through the internet connection of De Oude Es.
  • Arrival is possible from 15h. You will receive the electronic key of the guesthouse after all payments have been made.
  • On the day of departure, you must leave de guesthouse at 10am.



  • The freestanding furniture in the guesthouse was placed carefully, to minimize damage to the walls, we ask you not to replace them.
  • The guesthouse is equipped with dish towels, towels, a mop and cleaning supplies. Upon arrival you receive a package with a dishwashing sponge and dishwasher cubes. Only the dishwasher cubes offered by De Oude Es may be used. When extra cubes are needed, you may ask for them.
  • Laundry detergent is not provided due to allergies.
  • Upon arrival, the beds are made with sheets from the guesthouse. In each bathroom 4 towels, 4 bath towels and 4 washcloths are provided.
  • Only use the bed sheets that is covered. If this is not respected, additional cleaning costs will follow.
  • The towels of the bathroom and the bed sheets of De Oude Es will only be washed by the owner. If you would like new, clean towels or bed sheets, you may ask for it. For this there is an additional cost of €6 per set of bed sheets and €3 per set of towels. If you book for at least one week, you will receive a new set of towels on day 4 if desired.
  • The furniture from inside may not be placed outside. The garden furniture always remains outside. The chairs from the living room remain inside.
  • Upon departure it is expected that the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer are left neat and clean. Furthermore, that everything is clean in the cabinets in the right place.
  • Before departure do not forget to put away or take away all the food. Also make sure the washing machine and dryer are emptied.
  • Upon departure we ask to empty the bins in the kitchen, the bathrooms and the toilets.
  • Charcoals for the charcoal barbecue are provided for one use of the barbecue. If more charcoals are needed, extra bags can be bought for €4.5 a bag. For safety issues we ask you to only use the barbecue on paved surfaces. After using the barbecue, we ask you to clean it. Remaining coals and ashes can be deposited in the metal bin near the parking lot. When not cleaned an additional cost of €10 will be charged.



Dogs are allowed in the guesthouse; we ask to consider a few rules.

  • At your arrival there will be blankets in the couch at the living room. We ask to leave these blankets in the couch and cover the seat surface well. This to keep the couch clean and a pleasant place for future guests.
  • Dogs cannot sit or stand on the chairs.
  • We ask to always clean up the dog poop immediately. At your arrival poop bags will be provided.
  • Dogs must be leashed on the way to the parking and/or the lawn.



  • The use of water and electricity is included in the price, nevertheless we ask to be conscious of consumption and consider the impact on the environment. Make sure to close al windows when the heating is on or when leaving the house.
  • The garbage must be sorted. There is a garbage disposal that will be shown to you at arrival. Here the garbage needs to be sorted.
    • PMD
    • Paper and cardboard
    • Green waste
    • Glass
    • Residual waste



  • The renter of the guesthouse confirms to have taken notice of the house rules and the inventory of vakantiewoning De Oude Es. Check the inventory and let us know when something is missing or if there is damage.
  • No one will intentionally damage the house or the inventory. If something unintentional gets damaged during your stay, please tell us so we do not find out ourselves after your departure.
  • The owner is not responsible for:
    • Incidents in or out the guesthouse
    • Theft, loss or damage during the stay in the guesthouse.
    • Damage due to force majeure.
  • The renter can be held responsible for any damage or loss to the guesthouse, the inventory, the garden and the establishment. Costs of damage will be reduced from the guarantee.
  • The guarantee will be refunded within 48 hours after departure. If there is a reduction of the guarantee, the cause will always be mentioned.